5 Easy Ways to Monetize Your Blog


Blogging has been around since the internet became accessible to the average family back in the 1990’s. You no longer need to go to college or take a job as a writer/journalist to be able to reach out to thousands, or millions, of people. Many people like myself choose to blog because we love writing and want to share our opinions and knowledge with others. Blogging can also be beneficial as a ‘side hustle’ or extra source of income. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but if you do it right then you can make good money. Some of the most successful bloggers make six or seven figure salaries from their website. Below are the ways I have found to monetize your blog, turning your passion into profit.


  1. Put advertisements on your blog


This one is straight-forward and a common way to monetize your blog. Once you have a decent amount of people viewing your blog every month, a few hundred to a few thousand, you can sell ad space. For example, I use WordPress to create and host my blog. WordPress has an option to turn on advertisements with just a few clicks in your settings. They connect you with companies that have a product/service that aligns with your customer base then calculates how much revenue you will receive based on the amount of views or impressions that the ad gets. This is one of the easiest and most passive ways to monetize your blog, but you need to have a large, dedicated following to make any decent money.


  1. Sell subscription packages


This is a method that I don’t plan on ever using, but it is an alternative to putting up advertisements. You can either make viewers subscribe to your blog for a monthly price or offer premium/exclusive content with a membership. Some blogs are very successful with this, charging $5 or $10 a month for access to their articles and photos. If you have valuable content that you don’t want to give away for free, this could be a good option. For example, maybe you have an article that outlines how to pick out and invest in the best stocks. Or an article that tells the reader everything they need to know about SEO. Even having 100 subscribers with this method could net you $500-$1000 a month in extra income. Not bad!


  1. Have a donations page


This is one of the simplest methods but will usually get the least amount of money. If you don’t sell ad space or any subscription/membership packages, it is perfectly okay to have a donations page. If you are a non-profit organization, offer goodwill/community service, or just a lot of good content for free, then this option might be best for you. People will see that your content is good and it offers them value, so often they won’t mind donating money. Especially if you aren’t bombarding them with ads or trying to market to them.


  1. Affiliate Marketing


Ok, we are now getting into the real money makers. Most people have heard of affiliate marketing, but most don’t know what it is. Affiliate marketing is posting a link or advertisement for a product/service of a different company. If the viewer clicks on the link/ad you provided and makes a purchase, you get a cut of the profit. A lot of companies have affiliate programs that you can sign up for and it’s completely free. The awesome thing about this method is that you don’t have to create your own products. You also don’t have to deal with the headache of shipping, sales tax, cost of goods sold, etc. You post the link to the right audience, talk about how the product/service can benefit them, and then you get money sent to your bank account via the affiliate program for each sale. You can get anywhere from 1%-30% of the sales price depending on the product. This is one of the biggest and best ways to monetize your blog, and the most successful bloggers use this method.


  1. Sell your own products/services


This is the other big one. I would recommend doing this one after you have experimented with the other methods listed above and after you have built up a large audience. This one really depends on what product or service you are offering. Instead of posting an affiliate link/ad, you can provide a link or webpage that goes to an online store that you created. The two easiest and most efficient ways to sell your own products are through dropshipping and creating ebooks.


A. Dropshipping


Dropshipping is where you buy a product for wholesale price then resell it to your audience. People often use companies like Printful, Oberlo, and AliExpress for dropshipping. You also need an online store, often separate from your blog, to do this. Shopify, Woocommerce, and Storenvy are good options. First, you connect your store and products to your account with the dropshipping company. You set the prices, shipping options, and taxes collected. When your customer buys a product, it automatically gets shipped to them and you get the money sent to your bank account. The dropshipping company also deducts the price of the item(s). My first business used the dropshipping method. I bought t-shirts and hats for wholesale, put a custom design on them, then had them shipped to my customers. Without ever having to physically handle the merchandise. You can set this up so it’s automatic, just advertise and collect your money. Using this method, you have to worry about sales tax and other costs associated with the products you sell.


B. Ebooks


This is a method that has become very popular recently. Long gone are the days where you had to pitch your book to a publisher and hope that they will say yes, only to receive a tiny cut of the profit. You can create your own books using Microsoft Word then convert them to PDF files. It is easy to add pictures, page numbers, and headings to your book. You can even hire a freelancer to create artwork or a cover using websites like Fiverr. There are no costs of goods sold using this method and you don’t have to worry about shipping since your customer is downloading the book from your website. You just have to worry about sales tax, making it less troublesome than dropshipping. Ebooks are convenient and easy to use, think about the popularity of the Kindle. Your customer buys the book, downloads it, and you get all the money. You can also upload it to Amazon’s Kindle Store if you meet their guidelines, making it accessible to a large audience. Overall, this is one of the best methods to make a lot of money from your blog.



Those are 5 of the best methods I know to monetize your blog. Do you know of any other good methods? What do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts below! As always, thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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