Why Don’t I Write About Fitness More?

One of the questions I’ve been asked before, and have asked myself, is why don’t I write about fitness more? The Hustle Planet brand was started as a hub for fitness, business, and motivational ideas. The three pillars of ‘Hustle’ in my mind. Well the short answer is this: I don’t have a lot to say about it. The longer answer needs some explanation.

Why Are People Depressed? Part II: Attitude and Perspective

I recently went on vacation to Washington to see some family. While at my mom’s condominium, she showed me some old pictures of family members that were kept by my grandpa. One of the pictures was of my great, great grandmother who came over from Sweden in 1887. Along with the pictures, there was a written record that told her story of how she came to the United States.

Why Adversity Is the Best Thing That Can Happen to You

Walt Disney once said, “You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” Walt went through a lot of hardships in his life, fought a lot of uphill battles, but guess what? He ended up becoming the most famous man in the world of entertainment and cartoons, whose legacy will live on forever.

What To Do When You Are Bored

The other day a guy on Facebook asked a question in a group where I'm a member. He asked "What do you guys do when you're bored?" The answers that the other guys gave were all across the board: swimming, read books, go on Facebook, drink scotch, any random thing you could imagine.

Rewiring Your Subconscious Mind: Inputs and Outputs

Think about what the average person consumes for entertainment. Think about what they are watching, reading, talking about, and listening to. Is any of it actually good or beneficial? Probably not. The Average Joe watches a lot of Netflix and YouTube videos that don’t add any value to their lives.

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