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Guess who’s back? Back again?


Hey guys, this is Adam. I know it has been a long time since my last article, but I will start writing again. I haven’t gone anywhere; I’ve been focusing on other projects and things in my life that needed attention. I’ve been keeping up the Facebook and Pinterest pages so there is fresh content, in case you haven’t been following those.


Free content will always be a big part of Hustle Planet, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to make money. Hustle Planet started off as a side project for me while I worked my office job, but my goal has been to turn it into an international (or at least national) brand that will bring immense value to everyone who follows or buys a product from us.


With that being said, a few weeks ago I introduced Hustle Planet merchandise available through Amazon. I want to create a line of apparel that you all will love to wear, starting with the Hustle Planet logo and our first design, Gym Hero. I also have been promoting products that I believe you all will like, such as partnering with on some of their protein powders and pre-workout formulas that I have tried and recommend.


I hope you continue to follow us, stay engaged, and share our content. If you have a suggestion on what you would like to see from Hustle Planet or have any questions/concerns, you can always reach me directly at the Contact page. After all, this is about us as a community of people who want to be successful. We want to reach our fitness goals, make money, and live great lives. It’s all about HUSTLE. Thank you for reading, until next time!




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