Make 2019 Your Best Year


The holidays are a great time of year. Friends, family, and co-workers gather together and bond with each other. People tend to be in a better mood and there’s a different feeling in the air. Another common theme is to make a new year’s resolution. A lot of us brush this under the rug, myself included, because I’ve always thought it was pretty lame. They will say ‘I’m going to the gym every day’ or ‘I’m going to lose 20lbs by summer’, something along those lines. Fitness goals are common but setting a lofty goal without much planning isn’t going to end well. The biggest problem with these resolutions is that people are inspired by the thought of a new year then give up on their goals after a couple weeks. You should absolutely set goals for yourself, but do it in a smarter and more meaningful way.


The main reason I don’t make new year’s resolutions is that I’m always setting goals for myself and have a mental to-do list. You don’t have to wait for late December to set yearly goals. You should always be trying to improve yourself, be successful, and generally just love life. Think of yourself as a computer for a minute. Computers need software updates weekly, sometimes daily, in order to be faster and more efficient. If you install the newest updates as soon as they are available, you will be in good shape. But what if you only installed an update once a year? Your computer would be at peak performance for a week or two, but it wouldn’t be nearly as efficient after that. This is exactly how I look at self-improvement. The human brain is basically a super-computer, and like computers it needs regular maintenance and updates to function properly. The same goes for your overall health and fitness. Every day you should be working towards goals, learning from mistakes, and trying to be your best. These are the equivalent of your personal ‘software patches’ or ‘updates’. And just like a computer, sometimes you need to go into ‘rest mode’ or shut down to relax and meditate. Think of your goals, whatever they may be, as little software updates. Take things one step at a time, keep moving forward, and you’ll get to your destination. Like the old proverb says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


You might not have complex goals you set for yourself, and that’s fine too. Just do whatever makes you happy, that’s all that really matters. Maybe you just want to work some extra hours every week so you can save up for a vacation in Italy. Maybe your goal is to set up a college fund for your son or daughter. It could even be simpler, like spending more time camping or with a certain family member. Whatever your goal may be, it should always be in the back of your mind. Let your goals inspire and motivate you to be at your best. My goal is to be my own boss and make a six-figure income, allowing me to travel and experience the best the world has to offer. And you can bet I’m taking micro-steps each day to reach that goal. Like I said earlier, just take it one step at a time and you’ll be fine.

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  1. Great post! I need to make a plan for my personal goals which are growing my new blog and finishing a novel I’ve been working on. Lofty goals, but I feel I can do it! I just have to list out some action steps.

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