5 Business Books You Should Read

I’ve always been a firm believer in the saying “Education is power.” Whether it is formal or informal education, learning new things and expanding your skills is always a smart move. In my apartment I have stacks of books in my bedroom and living room that attest to how much I like to read. I mainly read business books for inspiration and to learn new skills, so here are 5 of my favorite business books that every businessman, entrepreneur, and marketer should read:

Is College Worth it? Be a Lifelong Learner

I graduated from college in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing. I had a 3.27 GPA and worked two unpaid internships. I knew that getting a job in my field would be difficult, but was confident that I would get a decent job within 2 years or so. I made sure I built strong connections with my professors and did a lot of networking on LinkedIn. I really upped my resume and made sure I had great references.

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