Pinterest is a Gold Mine for Digital Marketers

When I first got into social media marketing all I knew was Facebook. Facebook is still the king of social media in many ways, but there are other great social media sites as well. I later discovered how to use Instagram and Twitter. While all three of these are great and have their advantages, there is one that I have found to have a ton of potential that a lot of marketers don’t utilize: Pinterest.

5 Easy Ways to Monetize Your Blog

Blogging has been around since the internet became accessible to the average family back in the 1990’s. You no longer must go to college or take a job as a writer/journalist to be able to reach out to thousands, or millions, of people. Many people like myself choose to blog because we love writing and want to share our opinions with others. Blogging can also be beneficial as a ‘side hustle’ or extra source of income.

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