Rewiring Your Subconscious Mind: Inputs and Outputs

Think about what the average person consumes for entertainment. Think about what they are watching, reading, talking about, and listening to. Is any of it actually good or beneficial? Probably not. The Average Joe watches a lot of Netflix and YouTube videos that don’t add any value to their lives.

People Who Inspire Me: Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vee is all about delivering free content. His philosophy is that if you offer massive value to people, they will want to do business with you. If you follow him on Snapchat, Instagram, or YouTube, his videos are all about motivating people and giving advice on how to start a business.

Pinterest is a Gold Mine for Digital Marketers

When I first got into social media marketing all I knew was Facebook. Facebook is still the king of social media in many ways, but there are other great social media sites as well. I later discovered how to use Instagram and Twitter. While all three of these are great and have their advantages, there is one that I have found to have a ton of potential that a lot of marketers don’t utilize: Pinterest.

Marketing Difficulty: Grabbing Attention

In the past there was less competition within industries because it was harder to get into advertising and marketing. You had to either start your own physical marketing agency or join one, those were your only real options. Now we live in an age where anyone can start a business or get into advertising.

The New Era of Digital Marketing

One of my new favorite shows is Mad Men, a show about a group of men and women who work for a 1960’s marketing agency on the famous Madison Avenue in New York City. It is an excellent show that highlights the culture and sometimes absurdity of that decade. The biggest thing I think about, however, is the huge difference between how marketing was done back then and now.

The Daily Struggle: Being Content vs Wanting More

Cognitive Dissonance is defined as the ‘mental discomfort, or psychological stress, experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values.’ This is a concept I learned in Psychology 101 that stuck with me over the years. I also see it pop up in articles and books from time to time. Last weekend was Thanksgiving and I was thinking about all the things I’m thankful for.

100 Blog Views and over 50 Instagram Followers! Thank you!

This isn't one of my usual articles, but I just wanted to take a minute to thank all of you. I started Hustle Planet two weeks ago as a hub for fitness, business, and motivational content. The overall message of this blog is self-improvement, and I hope I can inspire a lot of you and help improve some lives. This is a project that I had been planning for a couple months, and seeing it come to life has been amazing. I hope I can reach out to a lot more of you over the following months and hopefully years.

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