The 3 Best Bodyweight Workouts


We all know that getting to the gym can be difficult sometimes. Life gets in the way, work can be overwhelming, personal/family issues arise, it just happens. The good news is that you don’t need a gym membership, but it is highly recommended. You can read about why exercise is the best gift you can give yourself as well. If you don’t have a membership or just can’t make it for whatever reason, just do these workouts.


  1. Push-ups



This one shouldn’t be a surprise, it is an old school workout that has prevailed over the years because it’s simple but very effective. There are different variations of push-ups, but they all work your chest, shoulders, arms, and core. Close grip push-ups will work your triceps more while wide grip push-ups will build your shoulder strength better. You can do modified push-ups (often called ‘girly push-ups’) where your knees touch the ground or explosive push-ups, where you push off the ground, clap your hands, and come back down. You can even go old school and do knuckle push-ups like Chuck Norris and karate practitioners did, but I wouldn’t recommend this because of the long-term health problems this can cause to your hands. Regardless of how you want to do them, they are effective and a good choice for a home workout. This should be your go-to bodyweight exercise for overall upper body strength.


  1. Squats



Squats are kind of like the push-up of the lower body. Squats mainly work your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. The good thing about squats is that almost anyone can do them because our legs are naturally stronger than our upper body. There is no real need for modified squats, and you can hold weights while you do them to add more resistance. A lot of people neglect their leg strength, but it is very important. Especially for athletes and body builders. Plus, this is the best bodyweight exercise you can do to get that toned, strong booty.


  1. Mountain Climbers


Mountain climbers aren’t as widely known as the squat and push-up, but they are truly a full body workout. Mountain climbers work your triceps, delts, abs, back, hip flexors, quads, hamstrings, and glutes. If you want an explosive bodyweight exercise that will tone your body and burn a lot of calories, this is the one for you. Mountain climbers can be trickier than other bodyweight exercises at first, but the payoff is high. This is also a great exercise to do on your off days from the gym. Do as many as you can, catch your breath for a minute, then repeat.


You will get amazing results just by combining these three exercises. You have the push-up that is great for overall upper body strength, the squat that is great for overall lower body strength, and then the mountain climber that will tone your whole body and is a great for cardio. Three simple bodyweight exercises that everyone, regardless of your fitness level, should try! Also check on my article on my favorite gym exercises for next time you hit the gym.

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