The Gym is My Temple

The gym is my temple.


It is my sanctuary from the outside world.


All of the bullshit from life gets put on hold. My failures and regrets get pushed to the side. I forget about money and work. I forget about failed relationships and drama.


I forget about my insecurities and fears. My anger and sadness melt away. It is just me versus myself. My own willpower and strength are on display.


My blood is pumping and I’m sweating. I feel alive and energized. I reflect on all the good things in my life. Positivity is coursing through my veins.


I put on my headphones and connect with the music. I drown out everything around me and vibe with the beat. The harder I work the better I feel. My vision is focused and my mind is cleansed.


Everyone around me is working hard too. They each have their own struggle. I feel a connection with them: we are all here for a similar reason. We draw off each other’s determination and strength.


I stop when I’m exhausted and my muscles are sore. I feel purified, baptized. I feel like a new man. No drug can give me this same feeling. No doctor or priest can prescribe this. This is my therapy and no one can bother me here.


The gym is my temple.

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